Payday on the 21st


With the 20% cashback promotion, all registered Bet3000 online customers can take part as soon as they click the “Join Now” button and complete the verification process.

Furthermore we also take into account all Casino and Live Casino stakes from online customers during the new promotion period.

Shop customers (in participating branches only) can also participate.




You must be successfully registered and logged in.



Click “Join Now”. Customers taking part for the first time have to provide proof of identity (use a document scanner in the shop).



Place your bet during the promotional period and benefit from 20% cashback - our cashback promotion.

Your account balance is 500 €. You have five betting slips during the promotional period:
  Wager Acc. bal.
1. Stake  100 € --> you lose 400 €
2. Stake  50 € (Odds of 2.00) --> you win 100 €      450 €
3. Stake  100 € --> you lose 350 €
4. Stake  100 € --> you lose 250 €
5. Stake  100 € --> you lose 150 €
After five bets your account balance is: 150€
Cashback for you:
450 € wagered – 100 € won = 350 € (loss) of which you receive 20% cashback = 70 €
Your account balance after the promotional period: 220 €
  • Only registered customers with a Bet3000 online account or a branch customer card (only in participating branches) can take part in the promotion.
  • This promotion starts for registered customers as soon as the “Join Now” button is clicked.
  • The cashback total is credited to your betting account and is not subject to any bonus conditions.
  • Only net stakes (without fees) and casino stakes are taken into account when calculating cashback.
  • At least five betting slips have to be issued during the promotional period, and fully settled within the same period. If a customer only plays in the online casino then this rule does not apply: The casino balance is used to calculate cashback in this case.
  • At least two of these bets must be above the average stake of all bets made.

    Example 1:
    1. Stake: €5
    2. Stake: €10
    3. Stake: €5
    4. Stake: €50
    5. Stake: €20

    Results in a stake (total) of €90, divided by 5 = €18 so the condition has been satisfied

    Example 2:
    1. Stake: €500
    2. Stake: €2
    3. Stake: €5
    4. Stake: €5
    5. Stake: €8

    Results in a stake (total) of €520, divided by 5 = €104 so the condition has not been satisfied

  • Furthermore, Bet3000 reserves the right not to grant the cashback bonus, even if the conditions are satisfied, if the impression is gained that the customer’s conduct purely aims to acquire the cashback bonus. This is the case, for example, if a group of gamblers place opposing bets on the same event from different accounts. The same applies if a customer carries out individual bets with high stakes whilst mainly only low stakes are wagered, resulting in the suspicion that the customer is solely trying to satisfy the conditions to get the bonus.
  • We reserve the right to retrospectively cancel cashback payments and payouts for professional gamblers and gambler pools, groups of gamblers, and multiple registrations.
  • Blocked customers are not entitled to cashback.
  • Only one cashback payout is possible per person, account, household, set of payment details, and shared computer or IP address per promotion.
  • Cashback is solely intended for the accounts of hobby gamblers and is therefore only granted to such.
  • The cashback payout and the amount credited is solely at the discretion of Bet3000.
  • Bet3000 reserves the right to change or revoke the type and duration of the promotion at any time. The organizer's decision is final. The General Terms and Conditions of IBA Entertainment Ltd apply (bookmaker).